Order an SSL Certificate


If you are transmitting secure or confidential information from your website, you need an SSL certificate to protect your clients.


How does SSL work?


An SSL certificate is a file installed on your web server. This file is composed of two things: a public key which encrypts your transmitted data, and a private key which decrypts received data. When you use a web browser to connect to an SSL secured server a private encrypted web session or tunnel is created using these two keys. All data transmitted during this session is secured, and cannot be decrypted by any party other than that specific web client and the web server.



WebSurfPro offers SSL certificates from VeriSign, GeoTrust and SBS Certificates.


Certificates from these vendors have different assurance levels and come with vastly different pricing. There are three grades of assurance level:


  • Domain Validation - validates the domain is registered and someone with admin rights is aware of and approves the certificate request


  • Organizational Validation - Has properties of Domain Validation, plus validates the organization information included in the certificate (your name, city, state / province, country)


  • Extended Validation - Has the properties of Domain Validation and Organizational Validation plus it validates the legal existence of the organization and that the organization is aware and approves the request


If you would like a free estimate or have any questions regarding SSL certificates, please contact WebSurfPro.