Press Releases Key to Successful Online Marketing

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Cuil, etc. LOVE press releases. Why? Because they provide a continuous flow of topical and ever-changing information about business. Particularly your small business, where getting the word out can be a real challenge.


Since your website needs traffic, why not oblige the search engines with regular press releases about your business and / or recent or important business activity? If content is the lifeblood of search engines, give it to them as much as you can.


When you properly launch a press release about your business, you may find that you can achieve a traffic spike to your website that can be anywhere from 30% to 300% above daily norms.


Adding social media methods (e.g. Twitter) to a press release be used can extend the web traffic surge beyond the traditional 2 day spike to an extended shelf-life of 4 or even 5 days of sustained traffic. This can mean a huge increase in unique visitors to your site, and a huge increase in potential prospects or clients.


In a recent study on journalist's use of the internet, it was found that over 90% of journalists read web-based new releases as a regular means of finding new story ideas. If you regularly issue press releases, this trend will not only get your business noticed, but it also has the huge advantage of having your company information (and particularly your URL) included in search engine scans which occur VERY regularly on news sites.


Remember, search engines LOVE content, especially new content. Therefore, news sites are very popular with search engines. Just look at NYTime.com. It has a Google Page Rank of 7/10 which is extremely difficult to achieve, but they do it with content, content and more content.


Here are some press release sites that we use at WebSurfPro (of course some are paid and some are free):

- Business Wire
- Eworldwire
- Wireservice.ca
- PR Newswire
- PRWeb
- 24-7 Press Release
- PR Zoom
- PR Leap
- I-Newswire
- Webwire
- ClickPress
- PR.com
- PR Log
- eReleases
- MarketWire


However, don't forget to include your press releases on your own site. You should also ensure that you link your site to any company blogs, Twitter accounts, or any other place where company announcements are made. The more the merrier.


So bottom line, more press releases means you will have a greater likelihood of getting your story scanned by a search engine and picked up and posted on a news site. And the more you get mentioned in a news site, the better for your search engine rankings, which will ultimately mean that it is more likely you will be found by a prospect. Which is really what it is all about, right?

Of course, it helps if you have something interesting to say!


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