The Importance of a Professional Brand

Most businesses trying to establish a strong brand identity often begin with a professionally designed logo. A good logo conveys a strong image about your company and is almost always the first impression people get when they visit your business, either in person or online. For many companies, their logo IS their company (e.g. McDonalds, Ford, Microsoft, etc.) and it is absolutley everywhere they do business...from letterhead and business cards to promotional shirts, advertising and even golf balls. Wherever it is, your logo needs to be clear, concise and must evoke the emotional reaction you are looking for.


Whether you are starting a new venture, or if you are simply refreshing a tired look, you need a professional logo designer to help you take that first and most important of steps. You need to be as proud of the logo as you are of your business.


When considering a logo design firm, you need to be comfortable with their past work and comfortable dealing with someone who understands the image you are trying to convey to the public and your clientele.


At WebSurfPro, we understand sales and marketing, and we understand logo design. We would be happy to get you started with a clear, distinct branding that your small business needs.


The professional graphic designers with WebSurfPro will work with you to produce professional grade logo designs that perfectly suit your business needs. Whethere you need a logo for signage, a website, business cards, corporate stationary or flyers, WebSurfPro can deliver.




Our most popular professional design package for $395 includes six different design concepts and six iterations of the selected concept to ensure you are happy with the work.


If Flash animation is something you want to add to your logo, we can take care of that also.


Please view some of our recent work below to see if there is anything that you like:


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