IT Security Solutions


IT security is something that many small businesses refuse to consider in their day to day operations until it is too late and they have been compromised in some manner. This can cost you the confidence of your customers, and can cost your business real dollars due to recent legislation like PCI compliance, HIPAA, HIPAA HITECH and PIPEDA.


IT security is insurance against the theft of electronic data containing confidential information such as:


  • personnel records
  • salary records
  • health records
  • credit card and banking information
  • intellectual corporate property


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Like it or not, this is an electronic world. But of course, if you are reading this webpage, you already know that. Essentially, confidential data is everywhere and if someone tries hard enough, they can get their hands on it quite easily. Confidential electronic information can be found in only two different forms:


  • Data at rest (anything residing on file servers, databases, USB sticks, fax servers, print servers, desktop workstations, removable media, backup tapes, old decomissioned PCs, hard drives etc.).


  • Data in motion (transmission of information at rest to another location). This can be in the form of email, internet browsing, online payment, fax transmission, printing, file transfer protocols, etc.


The goal of any IT security solution is to implement policy measures and control measures at an appropriate level for your business. Security should be considered an enabler, and not an inhibitor. You need to consider WHAT data is important to protect, WHO would be damaged or impacted if it was compromised, HOW MUCH is it going to cost the business, and HOW EASY is it to integrate into the day to day operations of the business.








Rapid 7



WebSurfPro resells and implements a variety of best in class endpoint protection and network security solutions to businesses. We offer the following:


  • Vormetric's high performance full-server encryption, application encryption and full database encryption for any operating system (Windows, Linux, UNIX) with centralized key management.


  • SkyRecon's Windows endpoint (laptop and desktop) system secuirty with content encryption, IDS, IPS, firewall protection, anti-virus protection, network access control, anti-spyware protection, wireless security, removable media (e.g. USB memory stick) encryption, application management and device control...all centrally managed from an administrator console.


  • Group Technologies Email security and encryption solutions for Lotus Domino, MS Exchange and SMTP systems


  • NetworkBox's all in one internet threat protection appliances. This is single managed box which guards your network and is updated in real time such that it protects 24x7 against the latest viruses, hackers, worms, backdoors and other online menaces. Easy installation. Protection in minutes.


  • Congruity Inspector's network quality assurance inspection monitoring. WebSurfPro can assess your network for both incoming and outgoing data leakage. You will be surprised at what you find and it is delivered in 7 comprehensive executive-level, easy to understand reports that are ready to go without any effort.


  • Rapid7's network penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. We can provide you with a complete scan of your network along with comprehensive vulnerability assessments and remediation. Step by step instructions are given on how to correct desktop, laptop and server vulnerabilities.


WebSurfPro offers a free unlimited 1-week security scan of your network just for contacting us. Call us today and find out how well all your security policies and devices are really working. There is no other solution out there which provides this level of network understanding.


If you would like a free estimate for our IT security services, or if you have a sales or support question, please contact WebSurfPro.